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Wireless Grids Corporation

Research Summary

Since the company’s founding in 2004, Wireless Grids Corporation (WGC) has been driving a new industry standard in software applications with its mission being to simplify our ever-increasing digital lives. As digital technologies enter more and more into our daily reality – through high-definition TVs and set-top boxes, smart and smarter mobile phones, wireless-enabled laptops and networked desktops, as well as digital cameras, printers, sound systems and, soon, RFID tags – the task of connecting and managing this digitally hyper-enabled environment is set to become the nightmare of the twenty-first century. The research and collaborative effort that eventually developed into Wireless Grids first took its first steps in the 1990s and proceeded with the help of a National Science Foundation (NSF) funding grant in 2002. A follow-on grant from the NSF was awarded again this year to promote the continuation of developing an industry standard for the wireless grids technology concept. More...