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U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand discusses the America Innovates Act


U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand held a press conference October 24th, 2012 at the Syracuse Center of Excellence to discuss the America Innovates Act, legislation geared towards encouraging the growth of new science and technology jobs. She was joined by Executive Director of Syracuse Center of Excellence Edward Bogucz, President of Ephesus Technologies Joe Casper (not pictured), and Assemblyman William Magnarelli. Part of the legislation involves creating an "American Innovation Bank" allowing universities and other institutions to use grants to hire additional staff for specific experiments, purchase testing equipment, clinical development, access expert advice in business strategy and patent and regulatory laws.

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The NYS STLC hosted a conference on June 18th to review the major findings of the NYS Task Force Report. Speakers were: (from left to right): William Destler, President of RIT, Theresa Mazullo, CEO of the seed fund Excell Partners, Ted Hagelin, Director, NYS STLC, Julie Shimer, President and CEO of Welch Allyn, Edward Reinfurt, Executive Director of NYSTAR, and Robert Palazzo, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Daniel Doktori, Executive Director of the Task Force and NYS Director of Higher Education is not pictured. 

Syracuse University College of Law’s New Technology Law Center (SUNTEC) announces the launch of three new Technology Commercialization Clinics (TCCs) on January 28, 2009.  Assemblyman William Magnarelli (D-120) far left, spoke at the event with from left  Rick Richmond, CEO of SiMPore, Rochester, New York, Joe Scaduto, the Assistant Director of Business Development at the Center for Biotechnology at Stony Brook University, and Eben Bayer, CEO of Eccovative Design, Albany, New York.  The three new TCCs are at Niagara University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and SUNY Stony Brook. 

New York Law School "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Information Industrty"

A conference bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, information managers and university technology transfer officers for a day long exploration of the Information Industry today. Specifically, it addressed launching Information Technology Startups, Finiancing Information Techonology Startups, Future Directions of the Information Industry and Research in Information Sciences.

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Research Associates Visit Client: Supercritcal Fuels November 17.2009

Students from the Technology Commercialization Research Center visited their Client for the Fall Semester. Two professors at Syracuse University; Lawrence L. Tavlarides and George Anitescu have developed a new process of manufacturing biodiesel and its potential applications. The detailed analysis and long hours of research paid off when the clients and students met exchanging ideas and further refining their commercialization strategy. Emerging markets, regulatory environments and technology trajectory were all discussed as well as the group’s technical comparisons of the new process as compared to existing methodologies.
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Blue Highway, September 2009

Research Associates in the Techonology Transfer program at the New York State Science and Techonlogy Law Center at Syracuse visit Blue Highway. Bue Highway is a wholly owned subsidiary of Welch Allyn, a privately held leader in front-line diagnostic healthcare. Officially, Blue Highway was formed to “create economic value through new customer insight, products or services, policy and regulatory insight, or business models."
    -(Partially Exerpted from the Blue Highway Website).


Commercializing University Inventions: Case Studies Conference

November 7, 2008 

Speakers Pat Govang, Rick Richmond, and Brad Treat join NYSTAR Executive Director Ed Reinfurt and NYSTAR Counsel Paul Jesep for a pose. Also pictured are NYSSTLC Director and SU Professor of Law Ted Hagelin, SU Technology Commercialization Law Center Adjuncts Rich Newman and Jeong Han Oh, NYSSTLC Advisory Board member Albert Johnson of Corning, Inc., and  Vonzell Jones and Molly Zimmermann, Associate Directors of NYSSTLC.

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 Lawrence Livermoore Tech Transfer Project

This project studied a novel non-contact sensor technology (Six DOF sensor) that is able to determine both the position of an object in the x, y and z axes and the rotation of the object around each of these axes with micron-level accuracy. The Six DOF sensor is lightweight, small and inexpensive. The research project included a technical comparison of the Six DOF sensor to sensors currently being used, and research on five potential applications: industrial automation, aviation quality control, remote surgery, medical rehabilitation, and augmented and virtual environments. The size, structure, consumers and suppliers for each of these markets were reviewed, The report concluded with suggestions for various forms of partnership arrangements with firms in each of these markets.            

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Research Reports: Fieldwork, Research, Collaboration and Presentation

Student teams in the Technology Commercialization Research Center (“TCRC”) provide technical, marketing, and legal research and analysis to companies and organizations seeking to bring new technologies to market.               

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