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March Means . . . National Women's History Month
by Liz Lonergan

March is the 25th anniversary of National Women’s History Month and the 85th anniversary of women in the United States winning the right to vote.  The Innovation e-Review does not want to be left off the media bandwagon with respect to the “women in science and technology issue”, but we do not write op-ed pieces and we don’t really think Mr. L. Summers is perusing our newsletter to find out what we think about women in science and technology, so we’re approaching it from another angle.  We supposed that we were a professor or CAT center director, say somewhere in New York State, who really, truly and sincerely wanted to encourage women and girls to obtain a technical education, enter a technical or scientific field and excel in that field.  How could we help that professor or CAT center director?  Does that person really need another article bashing and blaming or would they appreciate some sources and resources for making a difference in their students’ lives – today?  We decided on the resources route, so, freshly culled from Google and just in time for Women’s History Month, here they are.  

You can read all about this year’s Women’s History Month honorees, download information, take a quiz on the honorees and ponder the contributions women have made to every aspect of the world, as we know it at this site:

Mentor.net is an on-line organization dedicated to pairing mentors and “protégées” (those being mentored) whose mission it is to help women succeed in science and technical fields in a very pragmatic, hands-on way.  Three NYSTAR supported schools in New York State, Clarkson University, SUNY Alfred and Rochester Institute of Technology are currently participating in Mentor.net programs.  Should YOUR school be in Mentor.net?  Click on the link for more information on this program.  


Joan Korenman, the head of the Center for Women and Information Technology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, has compiled frequently updated, well-organized WebPages with hundreds of links for women and girls on science and technology.  Click on some of these links, you will NOT be disappointed, we promise!
This is the homepage for the Center for Women and Information Technology:


A link to women related science and technology resources:


A link to some wonderful resources for educators, students and professionals:


A link to science and technology sites for girls and their parents:


Here’s a website that lists the scientific contributions and bios of over 4000 years of female contributions to science and technology, from Acca-Laurentia, a nurse who lived circa 634 BC to Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, a 1977 Nobel Laureate in Medicine and a New York City native.


The link for the Association of Women in Science, a non-profit dedicated to achieving equality for women in science, math, technology and engineering.   The head of the New York City Chapter, Dr. Louise Hainline, a Dean of Research at CUNY, is our interviewee for this month’s Innovation e-Review.


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