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Jessica Chesher

Managing Editor

Innovation eReview
Company Profile: C Speed

C Speed 

Liverpool is home to a Central New York Region innovative product development and engineering services company, C Speed LLC. The company has engineers and project managers with experience in a wide array of areas such as consumer electronics, medical products, military systems, and test and measurement equipment. Their main specialty is the design and manufacture of custom high performance receiver technology.

When a client first identifies its product concept or update C Speed’s senior architects will begin brainstorming and defining the product requirements and features with the client. After the team architects the product it then develops the analog and digital hardware. Analog and digital hardware product designs are typically in areas of digital acquisition, RF and digital receivers, high-speed data storage, real-time signal and data processing, and real-time data visualization. The company develops the embedded software, develops the application software, and also develops and executes the product testing strategy and infrastructure. Essentially all aspects of necessary development and rapid prototyping and production are provided by the company, specified to their clients’ needs. 

In January 2011, C Speed announced a partnership with Clarkson University in Potsdam to establish a technical center in Peyton Hall. In the press release David Lysack, C Speed’s President, explained that many employees in the company held degrees, both undergraduate and graduate, from the university. He put forward a call to create opportunities and jobs for students in New York. 

Most recently, Lysack presented work C Speed had done with Lightwave radar to enable aviation and wind energy interests to coexist at the first annual World ATM (air traffic management) Congress in Madrid. The project, a trial completed in 2012 with Lightwave radar in the UK over the Whitelee Wind Farm, is the only mitigation technology at this time to be successfully tested against aviation stakeholder requirements. As more of the world embraces wind technology as a viable resource the Lightwave technology can be a useful tool to remove air traffic control aviation barriers over wind farms.

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