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Jessica Chesher

Managing Editor

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Headlines Worth Knowing

Arena issued with obesity patent - A patent has been issued to Arena Pharmaceuticals for its small molecule treatment for obesity, which targets a specific receptor, thought to be involved in the regulation of food intake and may be useful in pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of the condition.

Google looks to patent news ranking by quality - Web search leader Google Inc. has applied for U.S. and international patents on technology to rank stories on its news site based on the quality of the news source, according to patent applications obtained by Reuters yesterday. 

New Robot Reproduces on Its Own - Scientists at Cornell University have created a robot that can replicate itself in minutes. The team behind the machine says the experiment shows that self- reproduction is not unique to living organisms.

Cisco Confirms Arrest In Theft Of Its Code - The incident has been a matter of concern because malicious hackers might find flaws in the code that could be exploited to impair the functioning of Cisco’s routers, which handle a significant portion of traffic on the Internet. 

Microsoft sponsors film on intellectual property theft - Microsoft is offering a prize of £2,000 for the best film that raises awareness of intellectual property theft.

Yahoo Introduces Online Music Service - Yahoo’s subscription service is compatible only with MP3 players that use Microsoft’s digital music format. That means the service won’t work with Apple’s iPod, the most popular MP3 player. The list of 10 devices that will work with Yahoo’s service initially include Dell’s DJ player and Creative Technology’s Zen Micro. 

Sun Blesses Open-Source Java Effort - A group of developers has proposed an Apache-backed project to create an open-source version of Sun’s desktop Java software. Sun executives have endorsed the project, and the company might even participate. 

Global protection of intellectual property rights - The Office of The United States Trade Representative (USTR) has just issued its annual report, referred to as the "2005 Special 301 Report," which examines the adequacy and effectiveness of intellectual property rights (IPR) protection in 90 different countries. The conclusions of the report are sobering. 

Scouts get merit badge for respecting intellectual property - The Hong Kong Scout Association has issued a badge scouts can earn for "respecting intellectual property rights."

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