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Jessica Chesher

Managing Editor

Innovation eReview

We've got business news, we've got IP news, we've got human interest news.  Starting next month we're putting our resident Patent Attorney, Jeong Oh, on the news beat, so look for more news, commentary and links to actual cases!  Any suggestions or ideas are welcome and appreciated.
The first Federal Court ruling based on the “Phillips” decision has just been handed down.  This is important to inventors because the decision limits the use of dictionary- defined terms in infringement suits.  The decision reinforces that the language used in the claim and original patent application is what drives the decisions in infringement cases.  Click on the links for a summary, commentary and potential ramifications:


Be the first one on your block to get the “child sized humanoid robot” now available in Japan (and bound to be coming to the Sharper Image soon).  This cute little robot will monitor home security, knows about 10,000 words and is a great housesitter (who won’t eat all your food and go through your medicine cabinet).


Good news for us forgetful commuters (we have to plead guilty to both driving a long distance to work and being forgetful), library patrons in NY can now download so-called “books on tape” and be free from fines and due dates:


A guy creates a software program that will allow a spouse or significant other to catch a cheating spouse or SO, but it’s considered an infringement of Internet privacy laws.  We can catch this uhh, gentleman, but not the creators of the computer worms that affect those of us without “Jealous Lovers”? 


Cutting calories drastically may enable one to live to be 125, but what’s life without a little sinful eating and drinking?


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