NYS Events: SmartStart UNYTECH Venture Forum

2013 SmartStart UNYTECH Venture Forum


Marketed and recognized by many East Coast and Mid-Atlantic venture funds as the place to discover new Upstate NY technology companies, the SmartStart UNYTECH Venture Forum is being held in Albany May 15th and 16th. Each year the forum recognizes standout company presentations with Best Business Presentation, Most Promising Technology and Most Likely to be Funded awards. The forum displays promising early-stage companies from all of New York and beyond. It allows companies to meet with VC funds, seed investment funds, angel groups and investors to explain their technologies as well as introduce their company’s teams and plans for succeeding in the marketplace. Upcoming companies are also given exposure to experienced entrepreneurs for their potential involvement.

Wednesday and Thursday, May 15th and 16th 2013
The Desmond Hotel
660 Albany Shaker Road 
Albany, NY 12211

For questions contact: Elena D’Agnese