The TCLP has earned an esteemed reputation in New York State for providing businesses with insightful and actionable research reports that analyze a technology, its intellectual property and market context and its potential for commercialization.

Students have conducted more than 100 research projects on behalf of universities, federal research laboratories, technology development organizations, and businesses, including both established companies and start-ups.

Smart Window


DIMIEN LLC aimed to capitalize on the growing trend towards green building by creating a window capable of automatically transitioning from based on the ambient air temperature and without requiring any electrical input. Additionally, DIMIEN’s windows blocked only IR light (heat) while letting in visible light. The TCLP report for DIMIEN laid out the current state of the smart window market, identified DIMIEN’s primary competitive advantages over currently available and lab stage smart windows, provided an understanding of the entire glass market as well as listed the segments to enter first, outlined the options DIMIEN has for commercialization, detailed various funding options including state/national/private, provided an overview of the various state regulatory standards DIMIEN would need to comply with, and recommended an IP strategy for DIMIEN to follow regardless of their path to commercialization.

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