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The TCLP provides students with the skills and experience to understand the business goals of technology commercialization transactions, facilitate innovation, and understand how intellectual property, corporate, and contract law can be used in creative ways to advance a client’s objective.

It’s a course concentration within Syracuse Law’s curriculum that focuses on technology commercialization – the process that starts after an inventor develops a new technology and continues until that product or process is brought to market, an expertise that’s in high demand. Both students with and without science, engineering, or business backgrounds have succeeded in the program.

The program combines classroom courses, case-study problem-solving, negotiation and drafting exercises, and applied research projects. The TCLP includes two core courses (Law 814 and Law 815) described below. For more details about course credits and the Program, please visit the College of Law Course Descriptions page and the description of the Program requirements at the end of the Academic Handbook.

LAW 814:

Provides students with an in-depth understanding of the legal and business issues involved in bringing new technologies to market. Topics include basic intellectual property law; patent, trademark, and copyright searches; contract and secured credit involving intellectual property; employment law, including trade secrets, covenants not to compete, and intellectual property ownership; potential securities law liability for false statements; and antitrust. Taught by Professor Shubha Ghosh.

LAW 815:

Is an experiential learning class which exposes students to real clients with new product ideas. Students are in regular communication with clients and are challenged to understand the technology and market, recognize its potential, identify legal and regulatory issues that need to be addressed and recommend whether and how the technology could be commercialized. At the end of the semester the student teams present their proprietary research report directly to the companies for use in continuing the commercialization process. Taught by Professor Shubha Ghosh, providing guidance to supervised team projects.


Smart Window

DIMIEN LLC aimed to capitalize on the growing trend towards green building by creating a window capable of automatically transitioning from based on the ambient air temperature and without requiring any electrical input…The TCLP report for DIMIEN laid out the current state of the smart window market, identified DIMIEN’s primary competitive advantages over currently available and lab stage smart windows…

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