Student Testimonials


What students and alumni are saying about Syracuse Law and the Technology Commercialization Law Program.

What Our Students Are Saying

Justin Burgess, Class of 2014

“I chose Syracuse Law mainly due to the reputation of the faculty as well as the availability of joint degrees. Plus, Syracuse Law has a national alumni base and a reputation that far outweighs its ranking. What drew me to the TCLP was twofold. First, I found out a B.S. was not necessary for IP and second, was the opportunity to work directly with newly forming companies and technologies, often on the cutting edge of their industry.”

Madeline Schiesser, Class of 2014

“The TCLP sets its graduates apart by developing students skills across various fields including marketing, commercialization, licensing, IP, tax, regulatory, etc.”

Jeremiah “Luke” Finch, Class of 2015

“I was surprised at how hands-on we are with the client - I never thought we would work with an actual inventor, who has an actual invention, and is relying on our research and analysis to figure out what to do in commercializing his product. I want to become a patent lawyer and the TCLP is how I can get the hands-on experience I need to distinguish myself over other candidates when looking for employment.”

Olesya Vernyi, Class of 2014

“As much as we were told at the start of the TCLP program that a science background is not necessary, I never believed it. But it is true.”

Brian Becker, Class of 2015

“I chose Syracuse Law primarily because of the opportunities that were presented to connect with local businesses and entrepreneurs through the TCLP. In our team's case, we were given the opportunity to meet regularly with the CEO to learn more about the company's product and its goals for the future.”

Jeanju “JJ” Choi, Class of 2015

“I chose Syracuse Law because they had a wide variety of programs like TCLP that I thought could be a valuable part of my legal education.”

Alumni Testimonials


What students and alumni are saying about Syracuse Law and the Technology Commercialization Law Program.

What Our Alumni Are Saying

Jay Hickey, L'12, Technology Licensing Officer for Columbia University Technology Ventures

“As a first year law student with a background in science and engineering, I felt a bit out of place as I knew nothing about the role of lawyers in technology and business. The Technology Commercialization Law Program was a perfect fit for me as it bridged the gap between my technical experience and my interest in studying the law. Helping companies better understand the technological, business and legal aspects of bringing a new concept to market was tremendously enlightening. I believe that the Technology Commercialization Law Program is one-of-a-kind in the level of intense and specific experience that it provides to students who want to pursue careers in technology and business law.

Ultimately, by working with faculty mentors in the program and contacts from the companies we served, I was fortunate enough to identify a career opportunity that merged my interests in technology, business and the law. I don't know of any other program in the country for law students that provide the same level of experience and opportunity. Students graduating from the TCLP will have a well rounded understanding of many aspects of the industry that they're not likely to receive through a traditional law school curriculum.”

Caitlin Cornell, L'13, Dual J.D./M.P.A.

“As I began searching for law schools, I wanted to find a way to incorporate my scientific background into my legal education. I initially thought that I would just focus on intellectual property law, but then discovered the technology commercialization law program at Syracuse Law.

The program allowed me to combine IP with both business and marketing, which provided me with the foundation to understand how attorneys can add value to the commercialization and innovation processes. I was able to explore patent and trademark law, business transaction law, licensing, and compliance issues. Through the dual degree opportunities, I was able to focus my legal education on technology commercialization law and simultaneously pursue a Master of Public Administration from the Maxwell School. I continued my studies in public health and examined policy issues regarding both health and technology; it was the best of both worlds!

In Fall 2014, I joined a law firm in New York City. As a summer associate, I constantly applied the skills acquired in the TCLP, especially those in the areas of intellectual property and business transaction law. I look forward to building on those skills as I begin my career.”