APRIL 2019

Innovation Review

Monthly information on a variety of economic, business, and technology related legal news as well as highlights and profiles of resources and events across New York state.


News From The Center


Innovation Law Center Students Help Allied Microbiota Commercialize a Clean Tech Breakthrough

Allied Microbiota is a New York City-based company developing bacteria and other microbes and their enzymes to clean-up environmental contamination. Innovation Law Center research associates compiled a report, analyzing the company’s intellectual property claims, the market for the technology and the regulatory landscape for bioremediation. Now in the large-scale testing phase for its product, Allied Microbiota can use the report to meet commercialization challenges as it establishing a business decontaminating commercial grade sites with its inventive process. To learn more about Allied Microbiota and its work with the Innovation Law Center, click here.


IP/Regulatory Law Watch


Small Business Administration Announces Reduced Regulatory Burden for Small Business

The Office of Advocacy, the voice of small businesses in the federal government, recently made changes to 18 rules that reduced regulatory burden for small businesses. The changes came during the Office of Advocacy’s efforts at monitoring federal agency compliance with the 2010 Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA). The actions of the Office of Advocacy have resulted in $253.3 million in quantifiable small business regulatory compliance savings in FY 2018. The Office of Advocacy aims to introduce small businesses’ priorities into the deregulatory process by bringing together small businesses and policymakers through roundtable meetings. To learn more about the Report on the Regulatory Flexibility Act and the actions of the Office of Advocacy, click here.

department of commerce

Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works

The Department of Commerce has created an Internet Policy Task Force to conduct a comprehensive review of the nexus between privacy policy, copyright, global free flow of information, cybersecurity, and innovation in the Internet economy. The goal is to identify and address operational challenges and policy issues in the internet environment so as to ensure the internet remains open for innovation. For more information, click here.


Global Music Copyright Revenues Increase to $28 Billion

Recently analyzed data has revealed that the value of copyright in music increased by more than $2 billion in 2017, reaching a record $28 billion and demonstrating a growth of 7.6%. The growth stems from record labels outplacing other rights holders. This is the third consecutive year of growth for music copyright, a promising trend after fifteen years of consecutive decline. To learn more about the copyright growth, click here.


USPTO Announces Recipients of 2018 Patent Pro Bono Achievement Certificates

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced the recipients of its 2018 Patent Pro Bono Achievement Certificate. The recipients are those who help make the Patent Pro Bono Program accessible to low-income investors and small businesses. This year, 83 volunteer practitioners and 21 law firms participated in the Pro Bono Program, which has been in effect since 2015. To date, more than 2,000 professionals have dedicated their time to participate in the program. To learn more about the Patent Pro Bono Program and its achievement participants, click here.


Around New York State

Luminate NY

Luminate Accelerator Application Period Begins June 2019

Luminate will begin accepting applications for its next accelerator period on June 1 and will remain open until September 24. Based in Rochester, NY, Luminate is a startup accelerator that aims to advance next-generation optics, photonics and imaging enabled companies. The organization seeks to assist visionary entrepreneurs in fields including augmented and virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, and biophotonics. Awarded applicants will received $100,000 in funding, access to resources and expertise from world-class advisors. An additional $2 million in funding is available to participants at Demo Day. To learn more about Luminate and apply, click here.

Genius NY

Sentient Blue Wins GENIUS NY $1 Million Grand Prize

Sentient Blue, an aerospace engineering company from Parma, Italy, was awarded the $1 million grand prize at the GENIUS NY competition. Sentient Blue was founded in November 2017 and aims to develop efficient, eco-friendly power plants for use in drones. Four other companies, EagleHawk One, CivDrone, Vermeer, and ResilienX, received $500,000 as runner ups. GENIUS NY is the world’s largest business accelerator competition focused on unmanned aerial systems. The program, which spans across a year, is run by The Tech Garden and CenterState CEO in Syracuse. GENIUS NY offers its participants incubator space, resources, programming and mentoring. To learn more about the competition and its participants, click here.

ny gov

Governor Cuomo Announces $5 Million NeuroCuresNY Grant

Governor Cuomo announced a $5 million grant that will enable NeuroCuresNY (NCNY) to conduct a two-year demonstration clinical trial for testing drugs to treat disability from neurological impairment. The demonstration trial will use medicine to repair the brain in combination with robotic training technology to re-educate the nervous system. Over 150 patients with chronic disability will participate. NCNY is a not-for-profit initiative formed to conduct clinical trials of drugs for chronic neurological impairment and disability. It aims to minimize the time and cost of drug development for stroke-disabled patients. The NCNY grant is part of the state’s $620 million Life Science Initiative that aims to expand life science research in New York and better its commercialization to boost the economy. To learn more about the grant and the demonstration trial, click here.


Around New York State: Spotlight On Finger Lakes


This month the Innovation Review explores the Finger Lakes region. Centered by the city of Rochester, the region is a global leader in optics, photonics and imaging technology. The Finger Lakes region is rich in agricultural resources and research, and is ranked at the top of the Eastern US for apple, dairy and grape production. Ranked the seventh brainiest largest metro in the US with 19 universities and colleges, the region is rich in technology commercialization resources. The Finger Lakes region is ranked fifth in the nation for most patents per capita, and has received over $3.4 billion in state investments since 2012. Below is a summary of some of the region’s centers and programs.



NextCorps, formally known as High Tech Rochester, is a nonprofit based in Rochester that aims to spark entrepreneurship and innovation-based economic development in the Finger Lakes region. Its services include technology commercialization, business incubation, including Luminate and growth services. NextCorps is the New York State designated Regional Technology Development Center for the Finger Lakes region and is a National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NISTMEP). To learn more about NextCorps, click here.


Battery Prototyping Center (BPC)

The Battery Prototyping Center (BPC) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a partnership with NY-BEST Consortium. The Center aims to develop emerging energy storage technologies and provides services for more than 125 active members. BPC is funded by NYSERDA, Empire State Development and SoLith. Its services include manufacturing and assembly, employee training, and prototyping assistance. To learn more about the Battery Prototyping Center, click here.

University of Rochester

Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences (CEIS)

The Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences (CEIS) is a New York State Center for Advanced Technology housed at the University of Rochester. CEIS aims to promote economic development in New York State through connecting, funding and encouraging collaboration between companies and university researchers. The Center’s primary focuses include optics, photonics and imaging, in addition to biomedical, energy and microelectronics areas. Since 2010, CEIS funding has generated over $702 million in economic impact and the creation of 239 new jobs. To learn more about the Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences, click here.


Center for Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing (AMPrint)

The Center for Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing (AMPrint) is a New York State Center for Advanced Technology housed at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). AMPrint is one of the first research centers in the world dedicated specifically to multifunctional 3D printing. Its focuses include developing new materials optimized for 3D printing, creating multi-material 3D printing technologies and building applications to take advantage of the multi-functional 3D printing capabilities. To learn more about the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Multifunctional Printing, click here.


Center of Excellence in Advanced & Sustainable Manufacturing (COE-ASM)

The Center of Excellence in Advanced is a New York State Center of Excellence housed at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). A specialized research and development center, COE-ASM aims to help new and established manufacturing companies enhance productivity and increase competitiveness through advancing technologies and sustainability processes. The Center’s services include collaborative research and development, problem-solving, and workforce development. Additionally, COE-ASM work aims to boost private sector job creation and investment in New York State. To learn more about the Center of Excellence in Advanced & Sustainable Manufacturing, click here.

University of Rochester

Center of Excellence in Data Science (CoE)

The Center of Excellence in Data Science (CoE) is a New York State Center of Excellence housed in the Goergen Institute for Data Science at the University of Rochester. CoE aims to drive regional economic development through supporting research, training and technology development. The Center works in sectors including health, imaging and optics, environment, agriculture, defense, economics, etc. Its services include research, commercialization and incubation, and consultation. To learn more about the Center of Excellence in Data Science, click here.


Finger Lakes Innovation Hot Spot

The Finger Lakes Innovation Hot Spot is a New York State Certified Business Incubator and Innovation Hot Spot. Founded to empower startups to reach critical growth milestones, the Hot Spot has six incubator locations across the Finger Lakes region. The Finger Lakes Innovation Hot Spot selects and provides startups in the region with mentoring support and five years of NY State corporate tax exemption. In addition, its startups receive access to funding resources, technology development assistance, prototype creation, etc. To learn more about the Finger Lakes Innovation Hot Spot, click here.


The Technology Farm

The Technology Farm is a New York State Certified Business Incubator and Innovation Hot Spot. It aims to provide a campus for research and development in the food and agriculture industries, and houses several start-ups within the industries. The Tech Farm hopes to expand its efforts and reach new start-ups to continue innovation in food and agriculture in the Finger Lakes region and New York State as a whole. To learn more about the Technology Farm, click here.


Venture Creations

Venture Creations is a technology business incubator housed at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The incubator provides a variety of services for early to mid-seed stage startups to advance their business operations and success. Venture Creations’ services include one on one coaching, consulting and mentoring, and providing industry connections. Additionally, Venture Creations is home to a New York State Energy Research and Development (NYSERDA) sponsored clean energy incubator (CEI). The CEI is only one of six in the state, and aims to serve businesses commercializing clean energy technologies. To learn more about Venture Creations, click here.

University of Rochester

University of Rochester Student Incubator at NextCorps

The University of Rochester Student Incubator at NextCorps advanced student-run businesses and supports student entrepreneurship in all industries. The Student Incubator provides a collaborative environment for businesses and offers services including mentorship and connection with local entrepreneurs. To learn more about the Student Incubator at University of Rochester, click here.




E^3 Early Stage and Angel Investor Conference and NY Business Plan Competition

April 25 – 26, 2019 – Sage Armory, Albany, NY

This two-day event will feature opportunities for angel investment groups to learn about best practices, and on April 26th, an Entrepreneurship Expo and pitch day from top students teams across New York on April 26th. Students will pitch at the annual NY Business Planning Competition. To learn more about the E cubed conference and business planning competition, click here.


NYSTAR Defense Diversification Workshop

May 3, 2019 – The Gerstner (IBM) Learning Center, Armonk, NY

Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) will host the Defense Diversification Workshop on Friday, May 3 from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm. The workshop will be a matchmaker-style event for defense-focused manufacturing organizations and business and technology experts. The event will feature one-on-one consultations between the businesses and the experts to spark collaboration for diversification projects. To learn more about the NYSTAR Defense Diversification Workshop, click here. To register, click here.


New York Manufacturing Conference 2019

May 1, 2019 – Hilton Garden Inn, Troy, NY

The 2019 New York Manufacturing Conference will take place on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. The event will feature discussion focused on practical solutions for maintaining growth and success in exported goods. Additionally, the conference will be based on two tracks: automation and robotics, and manufacturing. Founder and President of Optimization Technology, Inc. Bill Pollock will deliver the event’s keynote speech. To learn more about the 2019 New York Manufacturing Conference and register, click here.


Li-Ion Cells Manufacturing Seminar

June 20-21, 2019 – RIT Battery Prototyping Center, Rochester, NY

The RIT Battery Prototyping Center and Shmuel De-Leon Energy will host an educational battery seminar on June 20-21, 2019. The event will feature scientific lectures on battery materials and technology, and hands-on training in manufacturing technology. Academic and industry experts will be present at the seminar and participate in the practical training. To learn more about the Li-Ion Cells Manufacturing Seminar, click here.


Light and Sound Interactive 2019

June 25-27, 2019 – Rochester, NY

The Light and Sound Interactive conference will be held in Rochester, NY from Tuesday, June 25 through Thursday, June 27. The conference, held for innovators, technologists and subject matter experts, will focus advancement in light and sound-based technologies. Specific event topics will include augmented and virtual reality, audio and music, cinema, games and interactive media, optics, photonics and imaging, and the Department of Defense. Light and Sound Interactive will feature demonstrations, expos and keynote speakers, including Barry Silverstein of Facebook, Dr. Richard Rashid of Microsoft, and Anissa Lumpkin from the Air Force Research Laboratory. To learn more about Light and Sound Interactive, click here. To register, click here.

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