An organization dedicated to providing legal research, education and information to help commercialize new technologies from lab to market.

When it comes to new technologies, knowing what you don’t know is half the battle. The New York State Science & Technology Law Center (NYS STLC) helps entrepreneurs and companies with new technologies identify potential challenges and devise effective strategies to successfully bring that technology to market.

From market landscapes to intellectual property protection to licensing options to potential funding sources, NYS STLC has helped scores of companies and institutions make their technology vision become a commercial reality. If you are a company or institution focused on bringing new technology to market, the NYS STLC is here to assist and guide you.

“The Market Analysis [provided by the NYS STLC] has become an invaluable asset in Photo Acoustic Devices, LLC's business planning process for several reasons: 1.) The report provides valuable, comprehensive market insights and understanding that would otherwise be unattainable with the limited resources of our new start up. 2.) The report independently reconfirms management's pursuit of Photo Acoustic imaging technology for breast cancer screening as a worthwhile business opportunity. 3.) The report has been critically influential in the due diligence process of our investment firm to approve financing for commercializing our technology.”

— David R. Smith, Managing Partner
Photo Acoustic Devices, LLC