NYSSTLC is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporations, universities, and research institutions looking to take emerging technologies from lab to market.

NYSSTLC team members help you find answers to questions such as:

  • How do you describe your technology to potential investors and licensees?
  • How will you protect the intellectual property associated with the technology?
  • What information is there about the markets this technology is relevant to?
  • What is the most effective path to the market?
  • What legal and regulatory issues might you face in bringing your technology to market?
Innovation goes beyond invention. It is the successful introduction of invention.—NYSSTLC Founding Director Ted Hagelin

Proprietary Research Reports

Teams of faculty-supervised senior law students work closely with clients to develop proprietary reports on issues surrounding their new technology. These reports focus on addressing challenging legal, market, corporate, and technical issues that surround clients’ commercialization efforts. The final report helps the client determine what to do next.


On-Site Client Consultation

Clients work side-by-side with NYSSTLC representatives to address their technology commercialization needs. Well-suited for university or government agency start-up business events or boot camps allowing for on-demand Q&A and mini-consults for event attendees.

In-Office Consultation

Clients meet with NYSSTLC representatives to receive preliminary advice and information targeted to a specific commercialization need. Clients receive sound direction and advice that is immediately actionable.

Non-Proprietary Research Reports

As a part of our on-going support to companies and academic institutions, NYSSTLC will research commercialization-related topics and publish non-proprietary reports on as a free resource. The subject of these reports can range from intellectual property to import/export to technology transfer among many others.

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