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Buffalo Niagara Advance Manufacturing Institute is Announced

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of a new state-of-the-art facility in Western New York aimed at supporting manufacturing sector growth and economic development opportunities in the region. Another component of the Buffalo Billion initiative, the Advanced Manufacturing Institute will provide applied engineering services and support to help local industry develop more… Read More»


January marks the return of the law students, and for the 3L’s this semester represents the final push before the bar exam and the real world. Emphasizing real experience from lab to market has been the goal of the Technology Commercialization Law Program for many years, and partners beautifully with… Read More»

Launch NY

Launch NY is a Venture Development Organization. A business-driven, nonprofit that promotes regional growth by providing a flexible portfolio of services, including: assisting in the creation of high-growth companies; providing expert business assistance to those companies; facilitating or making direct financial investments; and, speeding the commercialization of technology.Launch NY, established in… Read More»

Flexible Low Yield Paper for Financing Social Enterprises

This review is drawn from a 2013 article entitled “Hunting Stag with FLY Paper: A Hybrid Financial Instrument for Social Enterprise” by Professors Dana Brakman Reiser and Steven A. Dean of Brooklyn Law School, published in the Boston College Law Review volume 54 issue 4, pages 1495-1544.When a socially-minded entrepreneur… Read More»

Options for Protecting Software IP

As with other types of inventions, protecting software intellectual property is an important business consideration. Traditionally, intellectual property protection for software has been acquired through copyright protection, patent protection, or a combination of the two. Each strategy has its own benefits and drawbacks.Patent protection is the intellectual property protection coveted… Read More»

Alice Corp v. CLS Bank International

In 2012, the Federal Circuit granted an en banc rehearing of CLS Bank International v. Alice Corporation Ltd. to determine what constitutes patent eligible subject matter under §101. 9 of the 10 justices on the Federal Circuit agreed that Alice Corp’s claims to a computerized method, a computer-readable medium, and a corresponding… Read More»

New York Attorney General Settlement with “Patent Troll”

On January 14th of this year, New York Attorney General Schneiderman announced a settlement with MPHJ Technology Investments, LLC (MPHJ) after investigations into its conduct and communication with small and medium-sized New York businesses. The Attorney General concluded that MPHJ was using deceptive and coercive tactics in efforts to force New York… Read More»

Michelle K. Lee Named Deputy Director of the USPTO

Michelle K. Lee began her role as Deputy Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on January 13th. Prior to her new appointment, Lee acted as Director of the USPTO’s Silicon Valley satellite office where she served as the primary liaison with the innovation community in Sillicon Valley… Read More»