Are you located in New York State? Interested in the field of clean energy? You can commercialize your own technology and Nexus-NY can help you!

Nexus-NY or the New Energy Xcelerator in Upstate New York is a five-year program sponsored by NYSERDA with a $6 million dollar grant. The program’s goal is to accelerate the commercialization of clean energy technologies throughout New York State. The program is administered by High Tech Rochester and helps entrepreneurs in the field of clean energy by contributing funding, providing an immersive learning program, and connecting technology teams with experienced mentors and investors.

The funding from the program goes towards evaluating the commercial potential of the technology and is used for such things as building prototypes and conducting market research. The immersive learning program stresses customer identification, engagement and business model optimization. Nexus-NY also introduces entrepreneurs to mentors and investors. Participants are then offered the opportunity to pitch ideas to a panel of investors in Upstate New York.

There are two phases to the Nexus-NY program. The first frame is where the initial screening takes place. In that process, entrepreneurs are placed into teams and their technology is developed. In phase two, they develop the business plan and work to develop a prototype. And, in the third and final phase, entrepreneurs prepare for the launch. Nexus-NY offers several great opportunities for entrepreneurs in Upstate New York that are interested in clean energy.

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