Startup Genome and the Upstate Ecosystem Map

In an effort to dig deep and truly identify what variables make startups successful, or what variables make startups not so successful, three entrepreneurs began a project named “Startup Genome.” The premise is that by compiling data on thousands of startups around the world, a sort of best practices can be established that lays out a list of actions or attributes that influence the potential success or failure of a startup.
This group of entrepreneurs has since released a “Startup Genome Report” that contains 50 pages of analysis. They’ve also opened Startup Genome as a free and open platform for communities everywhere to collect, curate and analyze data about their own startups, entrepreneurs, investors and resources. The platform operates as a map that geographically lays out various startups, resources, and entrepreneurs.

This platform was a logical tool for Upstate Venture Connect (UVC), the Upstate New York organization focused on improving new business outcomes in the Upstate area by providing connections between startups, experienced entrepreneurs and resources. UVC was launched in 2010 to increase collaboration between existing institutions, resources and the human capital available in the area.

“We like Startup Genome precisely because it creates one database for listing assets, while ensuring the information can be easily presented on multiple websites. Our thinking is that the map may actually be the single best way to show all the resources available, without putting them in geographic silos. People interested in a particular geography can just click the mouse to keep drilling down into a region. For instance, in addition to startups and entities that work with them (e.g., law firms, venture firms, incubators, etc.) we are adding all the programs supported by NYSTAR, NYSERDA and various universities and colleges across the region,” explained Nasir Ali, co-founder and CEO of UVC.

For more information or to add to the Upstate Ecosystem Map visit UVC’s webpage.

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