Welcome to the February edition of the Innovation Review. This edition is heavy on issues related to big data, reflecting many state, national and international conversations on the topic. It’s been a busy month in the patent legislation area. The White House held a conference to update the public on what has happened in the arena of patent policy and announce new initiatives. State Attorney Generals have continued their efforts to limit patent abuse, recently by lobbying the Senate for patent reform, specifically seeking provisions to allow state consumer protection authorities more jurisdiction over “patent trolls.”

Staff and students from the New York State Science & Technology Law Center participated this month in another Pre-Seed Workshop, this one in Binghamton. NYS STLC Director Jack Rudnick will be appearing on WCNY’s Financial Fitness March 7th at 8pm. The topic is Developing a High Growth Economy in Upstate New York and will include Nasir Ali of Upstate Venture Connect and Somak Chattopadhyay ofArmory Square Ventures as panelists.

JD students are continuing their work on shorter term projects for companies and individuals with new technologies. Any entity seeking technology commercialization assistance is encouraged to fill out the online intake form on the NYS STLC website.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at nysstlc@law.syr.edu

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