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Psst, can you keep a (trade) secret?

Christina E. Brule Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are legally enforceable contracts that bind parties to maintain specified information as confidential. Despite the intended benefit of protection, NDAs can fall short of their intended effect or be misused. They are often broadly worded to prevent employees from speaking negatively about a company… Read More»

“There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch”: Can the Internet Strike a Long-Term Balance Between Generating Revenue and Protecting User Data?

How much is information about you worth? Companies that collect data about individuals as part of their model—such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—have found there is value enough in data to provide users free access and still realize a profit. Selling personal data, for instance, allows Internet-based companies to… Read More»

Patent Marking 101

When inventors are granted a patent, they may believe they have taken all of the crucial steps to protect themselves and their inventions. However, this is not necessarily the case. In order to provide maximum protection for their patent, paten owners must provide notice of patent protection in order to… Read More»

FDA Reorganization to Accommodate the Collaborative Nature of Innovation

Innovation is becoming a highly collaborative effort. In recognition of this phenomenon, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reorganizing the way it works. Earlier this year, Professor Dacheng Ren from the College of Engineering at Syracuse University pointed out that most research conducted today is a result of… Read More»

Technology Commercialization Law Program to be Re-Named Innovation Law Center, and a New Intellectual Property Law Institute Created

Founded in 1990 by the late Professor Ted Hagelin, the Technology Commercialization Law Program (TCLP) was the first in the nation to combine scholarly legal analysis and a guided, hands-on law curriculum with the active development of new technologies, intellectual property (IP), and start-up companies. Under the subsequent leadership of… Read More»

A Technology Commercialization Law Student Helps Drone Start-Ups Soar

Classes might be out for summer, but the work of the College of Law’s Technology Commercialization Law Program (TCLP) continues apace, with students and staff coordinating several early stage commercialization law projects to assist entrepreneurial clients and economic development business partners. One of these business partners is CenterStateCEO, Syracuse’s economic… Read More»