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Facts and Figures on New York State’s Innovation Growth

The Innovation Review has reported on numerous economic development resources and programs in New York State. It can be difficult to gauge how much impact these investments have had in New York’s innovation economy. Anecdotally, the New York State Science and Technology Law Center has seen a rise in projects… Read More»


Welcome to the February edition of the Innovation Review. This edition is heavy on issues related to big data, reflecting many state, national and international conversations on the topic. It’s been a busy month in the patent legislation area. The White House held a conference to update the public on what has… Read More»

What is Big Data?

Big Data has been a hot topic gaining popularity in the media. But what is it? Big Data is a term for the collection of data sets that are large, complex, structured and unstructured. In the past, it has often been unmanageable and difficult to process using traditional database management… Read More»

Federal Trade Commission Spring Seminars on Emerging Consumer Privacy Issues

This spring, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is hosting a series of seminars examining the privacy implications of three new areas of technology that offer potential benefits as well as possible privacy concerns for consumers. Tools geared toward these three areas, mobile device tracking, alternative scoring products and consumer-generated and controlled health… Read More»

Careers in the Area of Technology Commercialization

Technology commercialization is a unique interdisciplinary field with many potential career opportunities. A major misconception is that attorneys trained in this field can only pursue careers in intellectual property law, specifically patent law at law firms or as in-house counsel to private companies. Although many attorneys do choose this traditional… Read More»

Binghamton University Innovation Day: Big Data

The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships, in conjunction with the Center of Excellence in Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging at Binghamton University will be hosting the annual Innovation Day event on April 24, 2014. This year’s topic is “Big Data”.As new sources of data become more available, more… Read More»

Buffalo Niagara Advance Manufacturing Institute is Announced

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of a new state-of-the-art facility in Western New York aimed at supporting manufacturing sector growth and economic development opportunities in the region. Another component of the Buffalo Billion initiative, the Advanced Manufacturing Institute will provide applied engineering services and support to help local industry develop more… Read More»


January marks the return of the law students, and for the 3L’s this semester represents the final push before the bar exam and the real world. Emphasizing real experience from lab to market has been the goal of the Technology Commercialization Law Program for many years, and partners beautifully with… Read More»